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Photosite I am a photographer - A large portal of photographs that allows users to improve their knowledge in the field of mastering photography techniques. Internet photography and communication.

There is a place for bloggers, commentators, members of the forum and those who like photography. Photos on the site, write, participate in contests and comment, choose what you like!

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Our photo site presents a video created from user materials. Everything I need to have it in my hands, and that I have everything I need. It can be not only teaching art, but also creating attractive technique. These people can safely call themselves photographers!

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30.12.2017 1
Photos of girls ... Female beauty was praised by ancient poets. The artists tried to transfer lovely features to the canvas. Modern technology allows you to get an accurate ...
25.02.2014 0

A photographer is a magical profession. Indeed, he is the master of time. This is the magic. People of this craft can stop the moment and then donate a quality copy of this event. To ...

13.12.2013 0
We've all heard about life film photography. And many still remember the queues for the display of photographs and the joy that they can be touched.
  Actually ple...

About digital photography

The world of digital photography. Digital photography is a moving life, a living present, a living present and dreaming of the future.

Every photographer knows that digital photography is not just a hobby, it is both joy and wonderful moments that can be reflected in the memory not only by the obvious, but by everyone. and sometimes go unnoticed. This is the tenderness of the dawn and the severity of the sunset. These are tears of rain and the joy of a light breeze. This is the whole world of emotions and desires.

Shooting is the process of capturing a moment in time, creating a stunning image and panorama. Time changes views and improves shooting, thanks to new technology. Contemporary photography is an art that embodies the vast experience of generations. With the help of the camera, the photographer expresses his own style and shows his worldview.

A professional is an artist who creates a picture that captures true events, and his snapshot is instant time. What is important for a true photographer? To be able to catch the element of uniqueness, reveal creative thought, show the thrill and excitement of the wind. Thus, in order to become a real master, you need not only to have modern equipment, but also to deal with it and create, creating your own magnificent masterpieces and posting them on the site..

Photo site I Foto-GrafPhoto site I Foto-GrafPhoto site I Foto-GrafPhoto site I Foto-GrafPhoto site I Foto-Graf